• SELF-STUDY PACKAGE: 5 ONLINE WEBINARS covering the main aspects of General British pronunciation (in Russian)  priced at 55 GBP


  • MIXED SELF-STUDY AND ONE-TO-ONE PACKAGE: 5 ONLINE WEBINARS (in Russian) + 10 ONE-TO-ONE ACCENT REDUCTION SESSIONS (to be scheduled over 3 months period) priced at 550 GBP per course


  • INTENSIVE ONE-TO-ONE ACCENT REDUCTION COURSE (20 sessions per calendar month) priced at 1050 GBP per month

WHAT REAL PEOPLE SAY ABOUT US (after just one session)

  • Viktoria: “Tamara you are amazing. Your lesson helped me a lot. I am still practising to be able not to forget”


  • Olga: “Tamara is an amazing tutor! She gives really useful information and practical tools. Fantastic session! Thanks a lot! I strongly recommend it when you need to improve your pronunciation”


  • Dan: “Tamara is a true professional and I would highly recommend her classes to others. Thank you, Tamara, for the introductory course in phonetics”


  • Alessio: “Interesting and useful introduction to the sounds in the English language. I did not realise the sounds in British English are much more numerous than in my native language (Italian) before this lesson!”


  • Ingrid:В “Tamara is a really great teacher! She knows very well what she is talking about and I learnt a lot of tools to improve my pronunciation”


  • Ludmila: “A very interesting session. I have been using English language for many years and I was surprised to realise my mistakes in pronunciation. Tamara impressed me with her deep knowledge of the subject and with her detailed explanation on the practical level. Thank you, Tamara!”

What if I am not completely sure your course will help me?

Please send us a message on contact@pronunciationfirst.com to set up a free initial consultation.