Options for the Perfect Accent Accelerator:


Number of Hours Length of Course This course is for you… Package price
 1 a one-off session  … if you want professional help in understanding your pronunciation errors and guidance on how to work on your accent further. 70 £
 10 10 sessions over 6 to 12 weeks  … if you have minor issues with your accent but you still want to perfect it. 680 £
 30 30 sessions over 6 to 12 weeks  … if you want considerable improvement in your confidence and clarity from reading from a paper or book, as well as some improvement in spontaneous conversation and presentation skills.  2000 £
 40 40 sessions over 8 to 20 weeks  … if you want a dramatic improvement in your confidence and clarity, not only in low-stress situations like reading a newspaper, but also when having spontaneous conversations and presenting.  2550 £

“What is the schedule like?”

The first half of the course is quite intensive. We schedule sessions a week in advance. Once we schedule your sessions, we reserve that time and guarantee it for you. Because we’re really busy, it is difficult to change your schedule later.

Online Initial Consultation

Before we start, we meet online for a 30 minutes consultation where we will ask you to read a text, this will be recorded. This text will cover all the major challenges that people experience when they speak English as a second language. Following the recording, we will advise you on the most problematic areas for you in terms of pronunciation (depending on the mother tongue, these areas will differ from one speaker to another). We will record the same text at the end of our course to see how much you have improved. We transform your accent following our own system called ‘Perfect Accent Accelerator’.  All the sessions of our 30 or 40 hour Speech Transformation Program are built around this system.

This system is very effective and is based on our 10-year experience in helping people to reduce their accent when they speak English.

– Course structure: “As far as my judgement goes, I feel that the course has a solid structure as we’re tackling on each and every aspect; В taking on sound by sound, construction by construction, building our way up. You never feel lost pressured or overwhelmed this way which makes the learning process less painful and actually quite enjoyable“. – Dan Ciprian (Former Student)

Sessions 1 through 10 “ Introduction to the 44 Sounds of English”

During this time we’ll get to know each sound of British English and by the end of the 10th session you will know how they differ from one another and your muscles will begin to produce the right articulation every time you start speaking.

Session 10 through 20 “Other Features of Accents”

Here we’ll focus on word stress, rhythm and intonation. These are very important features of an accent in any language and so they are in English. We will learn all the major pattern of intonation in English and you will be surprised how different the same sentence may sound depending on the applied intonation. When teaching intonation we are using recordings made by native speakers as well as the skills and knowledge of our native speaker coaches.

Sessions 20 through 30 “Connected Speech”

In this module, you will be practising big stories and presentations imitating sounds, rhythm and intonation of the native speaker recording. At the same time, we will continue to work on the weaknesses that you still have by means of reviewing relevant material from sessions 1 through 20.

– Reviewing the previous course: “this is an extremely powerful tool that you are taking full advantage of. I feel that this has really help me cement what I’ve learned and has truly helped me improve“. – Dan Ciprian (Former Student)

By the time of this module, you will begin to hear your mistakes and start correcting yourself. We will be recording your voice during the sessions, as well as this, you will be recording yourself between the sessions to make sure your ears notice your mistakes as soon as possible. This will be your best tool to ensure you keep improving your pronunciation even after you complete the course.

– You give feedback on recordings: “This is very good as people know what they are doing wrong and can correct. The way feedback is given can be more important than what is said. I think you’re doing a great job here, feedback is always given in a constructive manner“. – Dan Ciprian (Former Student)

Sessions 30 through 40 “Customised Module”

Here we will be analysing larger bodies of text that are relevant to your job and industry. At the same time, we will continue to work on the weaknesses that you still have by means of reviewing relevant material from sessions 1 through 20.

To make this part as personalised for your needs as possible, we’ll examine how you use English regularly in your everyday life. Some of our clients are singers, presenters, teachers, coaches, and interpreters. Where possible we use your authentic English videos or audios that you have and identify the weaknesses in them. We will go as far as we can in improving your performance in such a situation in the future.

– Tailoring courses for individuals personal needs: “I get the impression you are doing this from our talks. All man have not been created equally, each individual has his or hers pace and learning style and we also have different starting points“. – Dan Cirpian (Former Student)


Progress Check Consultation

At the end of the course, we will make another recording of the text that you read at the initial consultation and we will evaluate the progress. By then, a number of recordings from the Customised Module of our course will be available, these can also be used to discuss where you are with your accent and how you can improve your accent further on your own using your new skills and knowledge.



“How do I know My Accent has improved? What happens next?”

Our students report that their colleagues and friends understand them much more clearly. When this happens to you, this is one indication that you are transforming your accent. Your Pronunciation First Tutor will also confirm your transformation by analysing a presentation, video, or audio file from you. By comparing this to your incoming level, we can track your progress and make further recommendations.

By the 30th or 40th session, your ear and articulator muscles are trained to such a level that you can continue this work by yourself. If you don’t want to self-study, you are welcome to continue your journey with us for as long as you need.

“What books do I need?”

You will not need to buy any books as we will provide all the necessary study materials. However, should you be interested in deepening your knowledge in the subject, we will be happy to guide you through the recommended reading list.

“Do you have a guarantee?”

We request that you attend the first 5 sessions. At that point, if you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund the remainder of your lessons.

“How do I pay?”

To reserve your space in our schedule and guarantee no one else takes your place, we request that you pay in advance, in instalments or in full. You can pay on our website. All payments are secure and are carried out by WorldPay on behalf of  Pronunciation First.

Alternatively, if you do not want to make the payment via our website please let us know and we will send you an external link where the payment can also be made. Just like in any online shopping cart, you can enter your details and make your payment in a few moments.

Choose your package:

Package of 1 session Price: GBP 70.00
Package of 10 sessions Price: GBP 680.00
Package of 30 sessions Price: GBP 2000.00
Package of 40 sessions Price: GBP 2550.00



“Can I pay in multiple instalments?”

By paying with a single instalment, you get the best price. We do not offer pay-as-you-go options because we are committed to transforming your accent and the best way to make sure that happens is with consistent lessons.

“How much are the packages?”

The 30-hour package is 2500 GBP.

If you want to pay in instalments, it will be three payments of 900 GBP each over the time of your course (before sessions 1, 10, 20).

The 40-hour package is 3200 GBP.

If you want to pay in instalments, it will be two payments of 1700 GBP each over the time of your course (before sessions 1 and 20) or 4 payments of 900 GBP (before sessions 1, 10, 20, 30).

If you would like to enrol now, please send us a message to contact@pronunciationfirst.com

WHAT REAL PEOPLE SAY ABOUT US (after just one session)

  • Viktoria: “Tamara you are amazing. Your lesson helped me a lot. I am still practising to be able not to forget”


  • Olga: “Tamara is an amazing tutor! She gives really useful information and practical tools. Fantastic session! Thanks a lot! I strongly recommend it when you need to improve your pronunciation”


  • Dan: “Tamara is a true professional and I would highly recommend her classes to others. Thank you, Tamara, for the introductory course in phonetics”


  • Alessio: “Interesting and useful introduction to the sounds in the English language. I did not realise the sounds in British English are much more numerous than in my native language (Italian) before this lesson!”


  • Ingrid:В “Tamara is a really great teacher! She knows very well what she is talking about and I learnt a lot of tools to improve my pronunciation”


  • Ludmila: “A very interesting session. I have been using English language for many years and I was surprised to realise my mistakes in pronunciation. Tamara impressed me with her deep knowledge of the subject and with her detailed explanation on the practical level. Thank you, Tamara!”

What if I am not completely sure your course will help me?

Please send us a message on contact@pronunciationfirst.com to set up a free initial consultation.