“I invest a lot in my own personal development, and having Tamara tutor me was definitely a worthwhile investment.”

 Michael Serwa
High-end Life Coach, Speaker & Author

Who We Are

Pronunciation First is a boutique language school that specialises in teaching all aspects of English phonology and phonetics as part of individual or group trainings. We are the only private pronunciation course provider that takes a rigorous and practical linguistic approach to pronunciation teaching.

Here at Pronunciation First, we believe that mastering a clear English accent can be life-changing, as the way you speak transforms your communication experience. And so our mission is to help bring this change for as many people as possible through raising awareness of the importance of pronunciation and pronunciation teaching within the TEFL industry.

What we do

Since 2014 we have been building our practice and our reputation on delivering top quality training in accent reduction to our clients in the UK and abroad.
We offer customised accent reduction lessons as well as specialised phonetics courses.
Most of our individual lessons can take place online, using the Zoom software, or alternatively we can travel to clients for one to one sessions within central London.
We also provide corporate trainings in central London or at our client’s offices.

Meet Our Coaches


Tamara Prokofyeva

CEO, Founder